CJ Cinema Summit #71: IMAX


After a couple of months' break in the release schedule of Hollywood blockbusters, tentpole films are coming back for the end-of-year cinema season. And who better to talk about viewing blockbusters globally in a premium format than our guests from IMAX. 

Join us for a conversation with Craig Dehmel, EVP of Gloval Distribution, IMAX Entertainment, and David Keighley, Chief Quality Guru and President Emeritus IMAX Post/DKPINC. They will speak to the coming slate of titles, discuss IMAX 3D brightness levels, IMAX’s role in the recent “Avatar” global rerelease, and the Spring 2021 “Avatar” rerelease in China.


Patrick Von Sychowski

Editor, Celluloid Junkie

Thomas MacCalla

Partner at Covergent, Industry Advisor at Digicine and CEO of Kin Productions

Helen Budge

Senior Writer , Celluloid Junkie

David Keighley

Chief Quality Guru and President Emeritus IMAX Post/DKP

Craig Dehmel

Head of Global Distribution, IMAX Entertainment