CJ Cinema Summit #74 - An update on China and 2023 predictions


On the third Thursday of January, the CJ Cinema Summit will be back from winter hiatus with some very exciting speakers!

Next Thursday's episode will focus on two topics:

🎙️ The first will be China, which until last year had been the world's biggest cinema market in terms of both box office and screen count. Lawrence Wang, the CEO of Vista China, will give us the outlook for more screen growth, more Hollywood films opening and other new developments within the market.

🎙️ Then, Gower Street Analytics CEO Dimitrios Mitsinikos will give us his predictions for the worldwide box office in 2023.


Thomas MacCalla

Partner at Covergent, Industry Advisor at Digicine and CEO of Kin Productions

Patrick von Sychowski

Editor, Celluloid Junkie

Lawrence Wang

CEO, Vista Group China

Dimitrios Mitsinikos

Co-Founder & CEO , Gower Street