CJCinemaSummit May 20th 2021

May 20, 2021

The 37th event in the series will go live on May 20th, ,09:00 Los Angeles, 17:00 London time.

# CJCinemaSummit will enable industry stakeholders to stay connected to the industry and gain key up to date insights as well as to ask questions and support each other through these turbulent times.

The sole aim is to create a virtual meeting space with a regular schedule where speakers will share industry information, as well as enabling a space for round tables and audience participation.

As the Great European Cinema Reopening gets underway, there is a new mode of hope and anxiety, different from last summer. In this 90 minute CJCinema SuperSummit we will explore the outlook for the business with the titans of the industry, representing all the key stakeholders.

We will hear from UNIC CEO Laura Houlgatte on how cinemas are returning across Europe and beyond. We will then have a joint discussion between Andrew Cripps, President International Distribution at Warner Bros., and Tim Richards, Founder and CEO of Vue International, about how Hollywood studios and cinema operators will need to work even more closely together in the post-pandemic era. Cancel everything else you are doing next Thursday because this is a once-in-a-lifetime Summit that you will not want to miss.

Your Host, Patrick Von Sychowski

Editor, Celluloid Junkie

J.Sperling Reich

Executive Editor, Celluloid Junkie

Laura Houlgatte


Andrew Cripps

President International Theatrical Distribution, Warner Bros. Studios

Tim Richards

Founder and CEO, Vue International