68 views June 04, 2020


#CJCinemaSummit June 4th 2020

227 views June 05, 2020

Premium large format (PLF) cinema such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, ScreenX has underpinned much of new...


#CJCinemaSummit May 28th 2020

337 views May 28, 2020

You're welcome to sign up and save the date for the 11th installment of the CJCinemaSummit....


#CJCinemaSummit May 21st 2020

263 views May 22, 2020

For cinemas re-opening the big question is now is how to fill the big screen until new...


#CJCinemaSummit May 14th 2020

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The re-opening of cinemas across the world begun last week with multiplexes in both Norway and...


#CJCinemaSummit APAC edition May 13th 2020

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Asia-Pacific is the world's largest cinema territory, home to the two largest cinema markets in...


#CJCinemaSummit May 7th 2020

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Arthouse cinemas have once again proven themselves engines of innovation, this time during the...


#CJCinemaSummit April 30th 2020

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For this weeks event, the focus is on how concession and retail will play a vital role in the...